Decoutere Profielen is a successful family-owned business that has been producing custom steel for more than 30 years. Our satisfied customers value our many years of experience in our trade and our personal approach, which also explains our many repeat customers. We produce custom steel to your specifications and always provide the right solution.

From greenhouse construction to custom steel: our history

Decoutere Profielen is a family-owned business with more than 30 years of experience in the steel industry. We started out in greenhouse construction, and soon realised there was lots of demand for cold rolled profiles. Decoutere Profielen therefore started to produce its own steel profiles. As the demand for custom steel profiles – mainly for the horticultural industry – increased, Decoutere Profielen grew in step with demand. Today Decoutere Profielen produces custom steel for various industries. Customers in various industries can count on our craftsmanship. Moreover, all our employees are trained in-house, to ensure the same level of knowledge and expertise across the company.

Our strengths

100% custom steel

Decoutere Profielen produces custom steel according to your design. You can choose from different types of steel, including stainless steel and the newly launched Magnelis® steel-coated products. The possibilities in terms of dimensions are also endless. Your steel profiles are produced with the utmost precision, down to the last mm, always with the necessary processing. No challenge is too great for Decoutere Profielen.

A company in the agricultural industry has different needs than a company in the car industry. The type of steel you choose therefore depends on the industry in which your company operates. At Decoutere Profielen we always take your wishes into account and offer you the best solution to your needs. We even go that extra mile, developing specific tools to produce your order.

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Our strengths

Certified custom steel

At Decoutere Profielen, good quality is our business. We strive to always supply robust, high-quality profiles. That is why we only use the best-quality certified steel, which is guaranteed by our renowned steel suppliers.

Wide range of machinery

At Decoutere Profielen, the entire production process takes place in-house. We buy coils from our steel suppliers and process them ourselves, from start to end. We have our own slitting line, cutting up the coils into smaller sections, which we use to produce our profiles. Our various profiling lines roll the steel according to your design and perform additional processing, such as punching or bending. Any post-processing such as threading or reducing is done after this stage.

We also have automated machines to produce our own tools to produce your custom steel profiles.

Our strengths

Decoutere Profielen continues to innovate

We always follow the latest trends and keep up with the latest developments in the steel industry. We work with steel suppliers, who are themselves pioneers in their field. Our suppliers continue to innovate and regularly launch new steel types to market. At Decoutere Profielen, we use these steel types to offer our customers the best custom steel. Our employees also stay up to date by regularly following new training courses and programmes. We produce your steel profiles, using the best raw materials and the most recent technology.

Our strengths
Our strengths
Our strengths
Our strengths

Custom steel: rapid delivery guaranteed

Decoutere Profielen is renowned for its correct delivery times. We have a large, permanent stock of coils in our warehouse. We purchase large quantities of steel in various types, grades, and thicknesses from our suppliers. These types of steel are always available for production in our workshop. When you place an order, we can launch production quickly, which shortens the delivery time.

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Our strengths


Permanent stock of certified steel of various thicknesses and strengths. 

Our strengths


Solutions tailored for your business activities.

Our strengths


High-quality profiles, processed with the utmost precision.

Our strengths


Accurate and on-time delivery thanks to strict production schedules.