Looking for a reliable profile manufacturer? At Decoutere Profielen, we believe in a personal approach. Our family-owned business only produces cold rolled profiles using high-grade steel. Regardless of your profile specifications, at Decoutere Profielen we can produce the profiles you need based on your design. The emphasis is always on custom work and precision.

Production of custom cold rolled profiles

At Decoutere Profielen, we only produce custom steel profiles. We do not have standard profiles in specific designs or sizes in stock. We start from your technical CAD drawing and produce iron profiles according to your parameters.

Our approach

Our expertise: cold rolled profiles in large quantities

At Decoutere Profielen we produce cold rolled profiles on a massive scale, thanks to our large stock and own slitting and profiling lines. We produce steel profiles to order from 5 tons of steel per design. Do you need a large amount of cold rolled profiles for your business or are you looking for a long-term supplier of semi-finished products? You have come to the right place at Decoutere Profielen.

Our approach
Our approach
Our approach

Your cold rolling specialist

Decoutere Profielen specialises in cold rolled profiles. The cold rolling method is better suited for large constructions and has many advantages.

Cold rolling is a technique whereby sheet steel is formed at a lower temperature. Our profiling lines form cold rolled profiles by rolling the slit steel sheets into the desired shape, where necessary using coolant. The steel plate passes through several rollers, which each time apply an additional deformation until the desired shape is achieved.

Order custom steel profiles

Upload your CAD drawing and order your metal profiles.

Ordering cold rolled profiles

Our approach

Post-processing with innovative machines

Decoutere Profielen produces custom cold rolled profiles. If your design requires a specific finish, we carry out the necessary post-processing. This includes punching, reducing, bending and threading. These processing operations are done either on the production line during profiling or afterwards with our innovative machines.

Our approach

Our method

  • When we receive your request for a price quote, we start by checking the feasibility of your design.
  • We then send you a quotation and promise you a correct delivery time.
  • Did you approve the quotation? Then we can get started on your order.
  • If necessary, we manufacture custom tools to fulfil your order.
  • We pick the desired steel type from our large stock of coils and calibrate our machines according to the specifications of your design.
  • Our profiling lines profile the steel into custom cold rolled profiles.
  • Any post-processing is carried out during profiling or afterwards with our state-of-the-art machinery.
  • Finally, we package your profiles and ship them within the agreed delivery time.
Our approach

Our strengths

Because we only produce custom work at Decoutere Profielen, we need specific tools. If necessary, we can even produce custom tools in our own in-house tooling department with our CNC lathe and CNC milling machine.

At Decoutere Profielen, you can always count on a correct delivery. We are very flexible and always work to a strict planning schedule. Our employees, who are trained in-house, produce your steel profiles with the utmost care and precision. Because we also provide post-processing in-house, we can guarantee the agreed delivery times.

Our family-owned company has been producing cold rolled profiles for more than 30 years for companies in all kinds of industries.

Our approach
Our approach
Our approach

Steel profiles for every industry

Steel profiles for every industry

At Decoutere Profielen, we produce cold rolled profiles for every industry. Currently we mainly work for the horticultural and agricultural industry, bodywork, logistics, the solar panel industry, the construction industry and manufacturers of windows and doors. Companies from other industries are also more than welcome at Decoutere Profielen for high-quality iron profiles. Below is a list of applications for each industry.

  • greenhouses
  • plant carts
  • assimilation lighting systems
  • plant beds
  • plant suspension profiles
  • supporting structure for solar panels
  • frames for solar panels
  • omega floor profiles
  • specific bodywork profiles
  • pallet racking/warehouse racking
  • uprights
  • beams
  • profiles for containers
  • roof structures
  • transport installations in production plants
  • stable/stall construction
  • fencing
  • acoustic panels
  • window profiles
  • door profiles
  • high-speed doors
  • garage doors
  • roller shutters
  • displays
  • frame profiles

Cold rolled custom profiles tailored to your needs

Send us your design and request a personalised quotation.


Our approach


Permanent stock of certified steel of various thicknesses and strengths. 

Our approach


Solutions tailored for your business activities.

Our approach


High-quality profiles, processed with the utmost precision.

Our approach


Accurate and on-time delivery thanks to strict production schedules.